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Steel Wire Armored XLPE Insulated Power Cable

May 27, 2016

Steel Wire Armored XLPE Insulated Power Cable


1. This product is suitable for power distribution lines or fixed laying device with AC 50Hz, rated voltage 8.7/15kV.

2.Mainly used for urban construction underground grid cells, lead-out line of the substation for the transmission and distribution of energy use. For example, it can be used for industrial and mining enterprises internal for power distribution, and other places.


Steel Wire Armored XLPE Insulated Power Cable Product Features:   

1.Having a high normal operating temperature of the conductor, the structure is simple, easy to use, without laying drop restrictions and other characteristics.
2.This product uses steel wire armored, can withstand greater mechanical stress.

Jinglan Cable Co., Ltd established in 1994,located in the Xiaohe Village,China.we are specialize in manufacturing and supplying variety kinds of wires & cables.our main product include:low,medium,high voltage PVC or XLPE insulated power cable,xlpe armoured power cables, copper conductor power cable, aluminium conductor power cable,PVC electric cable,aerial bundle cable ABC cables.with many years effort and development,JingLan cable have export many country of the world.
Steel Wire Armored XLPE Insulated Power Cable Operating Property:

Rated Voltage
 rated voltage is 8.7/15kV, The maximum voltage of using AC system is no more than 17.5 kv.
Operating TemperatureThe long-term maxmium operating temperature of cable conductor is 90 ºC. When in short circuit, the maximum temperature is no more than 250 ºC,time of duration is no more than 5 S.
Environment TemperatureMinimum operating temperature temperature is -10 ºC.
Laying TemperatureOnce installed, the laying temperature should not be less than 0 ºC.
Bending RadiusWhen installed,Single - core non-armored cable minimum bending radius is recommended 20D.
Single - core armored cable minimum bending radius is recommended  15D.
 Three- core cable armored minimum bending radius is recommended 12D.
StorageFinished cable should be stored at 0 ~ 40 ºC, humidity is below 85% of the environment, avoid direct sunlight and the rain, keep ventilation and dry environment. According to the above requirements for storage and use, the cable can be used for more than 25 years long.
Installation InstructionWhen installed, the environment temperature should not be lower than 0 ºC,if the environment temperature is lower 0 ºC, the cable should be preheated before installation, the bending radius should be controlled strictly, so as to avoid mechanical damage of internal cables.

Steel Wire Armored XLPE Insulated Power Cable Product Specification

SpecificationConductor structureConductor diameter
Conductor screen thickness
Insulation thickness
shield Specifications
Metal shield Specifications
Taping Specifications
Inner Sheath thickness
Armored Specifications
Armored after taping specifications
Jacket thickness
Reference outer diameter
Reference Weight
3×257/  4.5          0.730×0.1060×0.201.454×2.560×0.202.653.64851.2

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